The SSME Necho products will be equipped with front and rear volume controls, and a switch for 2 speaker to 4 speaker 2.0 stereo. They will also come with a detachable microphone on a flexible arm and an external 5.1CH sound card. 

Necho 5.1

Necho 5.1 is a wired version, excellent for those who plan to only use it with a computer. 

Pros:   -no batteries       Cons:  -limited use

            -lighter                            -not wireless



                                        Future Products       


                                                    SSME Necho 7.1

extra two channels can be placed between front and rear speakers for 7.1ch surround sound

​                                                   SSME Necho 5.2
Instead of putting extra speakers between the front and rear channels, mini subwoofers can be used for added bass. 

                                          SSME silicon mesh sleeves
The silicon mesh sleeves will stretch to fit over the speaker enclosres for added friction and comfort

                                                    SSME Subcase
​A briefcase like subwoofer that opens up like a briefcase to store the Necko 5.1 and all its components with in, Making the system highly portable for those vacations or business trips.  

"The style and design of the Necho is only limited by ones imagination. If you can think of interesting designs we would love to hear from you"

Necho 5.1w

Necho 5.1w is a wireless version for everyone. This brings hand held device enjoyment to another level. Although this version is wireless, it does come with a detachable cable to be connected to a PC. 

Pros:   -can be taken anywhere      Cons:  -must recharge 

            -detachable cable                             -heavier (might be unnoticeable)  

​             -versatile                                           -more expensive

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