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Our mission for SSME Necho is to fill the portable true surround sound gap. We are currently limited to conventional surround sound systems or virtual surround sound headphones, which many feel are less enjoyable than stereo headphones. How can you achieve true surround sound without actually having speakers on different channels located accordingly?


As technology progresses more media devices come equipped with 5.1ch, 7.1ch support. How amazing would It be to watch a movie with true surround sound from your cellphone or tablet from a product the size of a pair of headphones? It will be like a true surround sound system you can transport to any place, transfer to any device. You will be able to watch a movie at home and go for a music enriched bike ride with the same speaker product.


Virtual reality is here for the long haul, but its lacking portable true surround sound. Currently virtual reality products are often used with headphones which are limited to 2.0 stereo or virtual surround sound. How can you truly immerse yourself in the virtual world without sound coming from all directions, no ambient sound and with constant pressure on your ears from headphones? we believe the SSME Necho is an indispensable product to Virtual Reality as it will be a superior alternative to virtual surround sound headphones. Its very important for VR headsets to be as light as possible. With the SSME, VR headsets will no longer require the added weigth of  built in headphones and arms.

"in a forest of crooked trees, the only straight one is the odd one"


Surround Sound System


Hello my name is Landy, I am the founder of SSME (Surround Sound Me). SSME Necho is a Patent Pending, portable, wearable, multi-speaker product that is also a powerful surround sound system.

"First I would like to thank you for your interest in our products and our journey" 

The idea for the Necho came to me when I absolutely had to have a surround sound system in my computer room. For weeks I searched  for a great system, only to discover I overlooked some major issues and obstacles. The best location for my computer was the corner, this made it complicated and not ideal for a surround sound system. Furthermore I didn't want the massive amount of wires to be visible, which meant I would need to consider construction, drywall, and painting costs. I had to undergo a massive project only to permanently change the appearance of the room.